Top 10 Challenges in Nepal After the Earthquakes

The destruction caused by the Nepal earthquakes is staggering: 8,676 dead, 21,952 injured, and almost 500,000 homes destroyed. Millions of people have been affected by these natural disasters, and the trauma is far from over. Displaced citizens living in tents and temporary shelters are facing a host of issues, including corruption and insecurity.

At the Accountability Lab, in partnership with our friends at Local Interventions Group, we’ve set up Mobile Citizen Helpdesks across the ten most-affected districts to identify these challenges and fix problems. Groups of five to seven volunteers have been working day and night – from larger towns to the most remote villages - speaking with victims, collecting information, and coordinating with the government and donors. These efforts are helping to ensure that issues are dealt with effectively and transparently

The Nepali people have shown incredible resilience and strength in the face of this disaster, but the challenges are significant. A month out from the first earthquake, here are what citizens across the most-affected districts are telling us are their top ten problems.