A Good Example from Government

"Government is not active at all, they are doing nothing on the ground. They neither provided any relief support nor money for shelter. People are facing so many problems back in the villages, a lot of misconducts in terms of relief, is there, but government is not even playing a role to solve these problems." This is the common response of people we asked about the role of the government. There is little chance of positive response from people when it comes to the work of government. But is this it? Is there no hope at all? “No-we hope government is doing some good work too. There might not be any news about the good things being done by the government but there are some. You want some examples? Follow the update below:

Citizens in Jharuwarashi, a community from Lalitpur district, have been facing a lot of problem in accessing relief support from government because locally, the Red Cross has taken responsibility of facilitating the process. The lack of coordination among the responders have certainly created trouble for local people. Understanding the situation, Village Development Committee (VDC) has come up with an idea to tackle the issue. They have developed a document, which explains processes and documents needed to access post-quake relief support. Mobile Citizen Help Desk volunteers in the community have named it "Earthquake Citizen Charter" which are printed as flex banner and posted in convenient places around the community in Schools, Market, VDC office etc. This has made it clearer for people to understand what they are entitled to, how they can access it, when and from where? Government agencies must be appreciated for the creative solutions. We hope agencies in other affected districts and villages will also try to do something similar. Imitating good practices doesn’t create trouble, in fact the government should own it and order its line agencies to follow it in remaining places as well.

As there had been a lot of concern about the government efficiency recently, these kind of efforts are definitely going to support people and help to build a positive perception towards government. In such a period where people seem to have lost their faith on government, there needs to be some supportive efforts to comfort the demand of people.