Foreign Employment and Earthquake

The strong allure of foreign employment is felt by both city dwellers and villagers alike. In rural communities, employment overseas has been the first, and often, the only way of finding employment. Having paid manpower agents substantial amounts of money for a job in foreign organizations, many then find themselves performing unrelated tasks which pay them less and subjects them to abuse. Sometimes, people are cheated by their employers. People get married early, extend family after childbirth and then go to the gulf to earn enough to provide a good life to their families. Only a few do not see foreign employment as their first option. The trend of going to a foreign land to earn more money is increasing even though skilled and trained individuals are harder to come by.

The families of the migrant workers are in a deep shock as they have lost almost everything to the massive earthquakes of 25th April and 12th May. Many children find themselves without a guardian. They are in a serious need of emotional support and money from their family members abroad but they are often unable to provide any support. Everyone else is waiting for the government to give them the relief they were promised to reconstruct their destroyed houses.

The burden faced by Sita Purkoti's increased after her husband went to Malaysia to work. Her 2 sons and one daughter are her sole responsibility now. After the quake, Sita was compelled to seek shelter in a neighbor's house as she has no ability to build up a temporary hut for her family. She does not expect any monetary support from her husband as he has been cheated by fraudsters in Malaysia. He has a low paying job and is unable to send any money to his family.

"Earthquake destroyed everything, the water source dried out. I have used tarpaulins as the roof for my children but feeding them is very difficult for me, says Sita. Last Friday, I received Rs.15,000 from the government. I will build a shelter now. The difficulties I face would have added up if the government had not helped us."