The #quakeHELPDESK has been created by the joint efforts of the Accountability Lab and Local Interventions Group.

The Accountability Lab supports citizens to build accountability and integrity in their communities. Our team provides training, mentorship, networks, management support and seed funding for the development of low-cost, high-impact ideas for positive change. By enabling people to use information and knowledge to hold their governments to account, the Lab is finding innovative ways to unlock the rich potential for political and economic development around the world. The Lab also strives to reinvent the way that organizations can function through radical transparency, oral reporting that fits the context, creative outreach campaigns, and alternative revenue models.

Local Interventions Group - a southern non-profit - supports government accountability in South Asia by developing tools for communities to assert their rights and monitor injustice. LIG scouts for data-driven solutions for smarter and accountable governance through a number of citizen-focused technology tools including crowdsourcing platforms like Ushahidi, SMS, GIS mapping, and community FM radio stations.

These organizations already have a significant network mobilized behind this effort. Our staff is managing the helpdesks, providing oversight, and communicating with officials. District Coordinators and volunteers are provided with stipends, equipment, and transport to answer calls, gather information, coordinate with citizens, visit relevant government agencies and ministries, and follow-up on key issues. The recovery process will take time, and it is essential that monitoring of the recovery efforts and support to close feedback loops be maintained. By mobilizing local teams, the Accountability Lab and Local Interventions Group will promote greater accountability surrounding relief and assistance, and ensure that aid reaches the citizens who need it most.