What to Expect From the Normanton Park Condo

A relatively new condominium in Santo Domingo is Normanton Park Condo. It was built by Santo Domingo-based developers RCI which is responsible for the high quality building construction standards that are prevalent throughout the Dominican Republic. The building is constructed out of state-of-the-art materials with double beam and triple diamond windows. The amenities and services offered within Normanton Park Condo are exceptionally luxurious with features such as sauna facilities, wet bar, fireplaces and wood-burning fireplaces, two swimming pools and numerous restaurants. Residents will certainly be satisfied with the panoramic view the complex offers, the large size of the pools, the beautifully landscaped gardens and the outdoor activities such as tennis, basketball and more. There is also a swimming pool for those that wish to relax on a sunny day.

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The complex has five-bedroom units that are all fully furnished. “The developments have many features that will amaze you. You will get the feeling of living in a South Florida community, yet you will be in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The view is spectacular and there is no place better to take a vacation or relax and be happy than Normanton Park Condo.” – johnny robbins

The award-winning Normanton Park Condo is located at the edge of Corso Vigodina, a popular beach community in the North of Santo Domingo. This gated community is a very healthy choice for nature lovers and golf enthusiasts who want to enjoy all that Santo Domingo has to offer. Located next to beautiful beaches, golfing clubs and lovely little shops, this gated community is ideal for residents who like to spend time in nature and who like the lifestyle and conveniences of a condo. The Normanton Park project is just one example of why this part of Santo Domingo is growing rapidly as a hot spot for newly built condos.