Cavity Wall Insulation Installers
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cavity wall insulation installers

Cavity wall insulation installers  inject or place insulating materials into properties, either in new build homes or as part of a retrofit to improve energy efficiency. This is a job for someone who pays close attention to detail and enjoys working on construction projects. It can be a physically demanding role as the work is at height, but it can also provide a rewarding career if you have the right skills.

It is estimated that around 5 million UK homes could benefit from cavity wall insulation. It prevents heat from escaping the property and is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of a home. This will not only save on heating bills, but it will cut carbon dioxide emissions by around 7 million tonnes a year – enough to fill 40 million double-decker buses!

Choosing the Right Cavity Wall Insulation Installers: A Guide

There are several factors to consider before insulating your property. Firstly, you should make sure that your property is suitable for cavity wall insulation. This includes ensuring that the brick walls are in good condition and that they have a cavity large enough to accommodate a layer of insulation. If the bricks in your property are laid unevenly or if they have a mismatched pattern then they may not be suitable for cavity insulation.

If the external walls of your property are damp or damaged, then cavity insulation can cause problems such as damp bridging. This occurs when water penetrates the outer wall and travels through to the inside of the property, often causing damp patches in the rooms. If you are planning to have your cavities insulated then it is important that a surveyor checks the condition of the external walls before you start the installation process.