Choosing the Best Picnic Baskets
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When choosing a picnic basket, there are many factors to consider: size and weight, included accessories, and the style and durability of the bag. Whether you’re planning a romantic picnic for two or a large group outing, it’s important to pick the right size basket so everything fits comfortably. Additionally, you should consider how far you’ll be transporting your food and beverages, as this will affect whether or not you want an insulated option.

Traditionally, most picnic baskets come with all the fixin’s to enjoy your meal. However, all those accouterments can add up and significantly increase the weight of your bag. If you’re going to be transporting your picnic for any length of time, an insulated option will keep your food cold and drinks hot longer. Source picnic baskets –

Another thing to consider is the handles. While traditional picnic baskets have small handles that you carry by hand or over your shoulder, today’s options include a variety of other carrying options, including crossbody sling straps and backpack-style straps. These can help spread the weight more evenly and allow you to free up your hands for other tasks.

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Although wicker baskets have a classic aesthetic, they can be difficult to clean and may not hold up as well as more durable fabric- and canvas-based options. These options are also often bulkier and require more storage space than other, more collapsible baskets. The insulated picnic basket we picked is made from a canvas-like material that’s easy to clean, keeps food colder than other options, and folds completely flat for storage.