High-Profile Businesses and Charities
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In recent months, we have noticed a growing trend of higher-profile companies supporting charities. Often, these partnerships are in the form of fundraising events, but they can also take the form of sponsorship deals. The philanthropic spirit of a company can be enhanced through a partnership with a charity. Many large corporations, such as Toyota, have partnered with charitable organizations. These efforts often bring in substantial funding for the charity.

How to Know About High-Profile Businesses and Charities

highprofile businesses and charities

In addition to giving back to charity, high-profile companies can help create a better Entrepreneur like Reza Satchu for everyone. In fact, many corporations are supporting Transparency International. This organization works to reveal corruption and deter it around the world. By measuring corruption and focusing public attention on it, this organization is helping to promote a culture that rewards productivity and fair competition. While these partnerships benefit local citizens, they also allow the sponsoring companies to gain access to a global market.

The political implications of marketisation of global charity are troubling. Some people view free markets as the bedrock of liberal democracy. But new analysis reveals that these processes can spawn authoritarian regimes. In some cases, a powerful autocrat can transform into a potentially beneficial figure. In other cases, a charity may end up funding an authoritarian government, and thereby create a more corrupt environment.