How an Email Scam Checker Can Help You Avoid Being the Victim of Cyber Fraud
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Using an email scam checker can help you avoid being the victim of cyber fraud. Hackers use emails to target people and trick them into sharing sensitive information such as passwords or credit card details, so it’s important that you recognise the signs of a scam when you see one.

The best way to spot a fake email is to look at the sender’s email address. If the email is from a generic domain, such as Gmail or Yahoo, or it has an excessive string of numbers before the @ sign, it’s likely a fake. Also, check the email content for errors in spelling and syntax. This will flag up grammatical mistakes that a professional writer would not make.

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Another sign that an email is a scam is if it asks you to open a file or click a link. This can lead to viruses being downloaded onto your computer. Hackers often disguise these viruses as legitimate files, such as invoices or software updates, and can be sent from companies you recognise.

The most common type of phishing scam is designed to prey on your emotions. These emails will claim that you need to take urgent action, or that something is wrong with your account. The message may refer to your PayPal, Windows or Netflix account (all of which you use regularly), and they are designed to scare you into taking a risk by clicking on a link or downloading a file. The problem is that the hackers can then sell your personal details to other criminals.