How to Build a Netball Court
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netball court size

When playing netball court size, players aim to shoot the ball through the opposing team’s goal ring. It’s one of the few sports specifically created for women and girls. In order to keep players safe and competitive, there are certain specifications that must be followed when designing a netball court.

Ideally, you want your court to be as large as possible without exceeding the maximum court size allowed by the governing body. This allows more room for players to move around, making it easier to find space and stay in play. Adding additional safety features, such as protective netting and clear warnings of hazards, can also reduce the risk of injuries.

Understanding Netball Court Size: Regulations and Dimensions

The first step in building a netball court is marking out the boundaries. This includes the center line, which divides the netball court into two equal sections, and the transverse lines that run the length of each sideline. You must also mark the goal circle, a semi-circle of radius 4.9 meters located at each end of the court. Only on-court players are allowed to shoot for goals in the goal circle.

You should also dig holes for the goalpost anchors and make sure they’re positioned properly. The anchors should be secure enough to withstand the weight of the goal posts, but not too deep that they prevent the net from being easily raised and lowered. The next step is installing the goalpost itself. You’ll need to measure the distance between the back line and the goal, then ensure the struts are centered over the netball ring.