Performance Tuning is Big Business in Australia, the US and elsewhere
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performance tuning australia

Performance tuning – where vehicles’ powerplants diesel tuning remap  are altered to deliver more acceleration, fuel efficiency and horsepower – is big business in Australia, the US and elsewhere. It’s difficult to put a dollar figure on it, but it’s certainly in the billions. It ranges from a less restrictive air filter, sporty exhaust and reprogrammed ECU to full-on engine builds, forced induction and internal modifications.

Steinbauer Performance, a based in Austria with branches in the US to service farmers there and in Canada, has seen its sales of “Power Modules” double over the past year. Steinbauer works with tractor manufacturers in 30 countries. Carr, whose company does work on farms in the United States, says many of these “tunes” carelessly override engine settings designed to protect the tractor and equipment from damage.

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