Romanian Workers in France
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A huge part of the Romanian-French population settled in France after World War II. At the time, both France and the country of origin were going through a very hard time and both were struggling to recover from the horrors of war. The majority of the Romanians who settled in France found work in Paris, Lille, and other major cities in the north of France. Unlike many other countries where the law prohibits employers from performing pre-employment background checks, French employment law requires that employers publish vacancies on their websites. Useful website –

Will the Government Lift the Restrictions on Romanian Workers in France Lift?

French officials will soon decide on whether to lift the restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarian nationals. This will provide a legal status for over 15,000 Roma living in France. According to the Associated Press, Romanian and Bulgarian citizens are entitled to free travel in Schengen member states for 90 days. This is a good thing, but it makes it very easy for smugglers to exploit vulnerable people. The criminal activity has been very lucrative and is estimated at EUR14 million. However, civil rights organizations have long claimed that the restrictions on work will make it harder for Roma to integrate into France.

The French government has recently announced that it will consider lifting the restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian nationals working in France. This will allow over 15,000 Romanians to work in France legally. While this may seem like an enormous decision, it is essential for the country to make the best decision possible for the Romanian community in Europe. By providing Romanians with work rights, the government is making a positive step towards integrating its Roma community into the country.