What is Shatter Canada?
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A new drug on the shatter canada looks like maple syrup or thin toffee on wax paper, but don’t be fooled: shatter canada is a cannabis extract that has THC levels that are up to 80 per cent. Shatter, also known as honey oil or budder, is produced by using specific processing techniques involving solvents like butane to concentrate essential compounds, such as THC, into a solid that can be dabbed or vaporized.

This process creates a crystallized marijuana concentrate that has a translucent appearance, allowing light to shine through the shatter making it very visually appealing. It can vary in colour from a lighter amber to a dark burnt golden brown depending on the exact strains and extraction processes used. Shatter is considered to be one of the best-quality concentrates on the market.

Exploring the World of Shatter in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide to Products, Legality, and Where to Buy

It is usually smoked with a water pipe or a vape pen. This method allows the user to experience the high-quality flavour and effects of shatter at a much quicker rate than smoking flower. This way, the user can control exactly how potent they want their high to be, and how long it lasts for.

It is recommended that shatter users consume it in small doses, because of its extremely high THC content. It can have side-effects, such as dry mouth and eyes, dizziness and a very high level of impairment. If consumed in large amounts, it can lead to hallucinations and a loss of motor function.