Erotic Porn in Germany


If you are a German and you like pornography, then you are in luck. Pornography is legal in Germany, and in fact, it has been a long time since the era of censorship.

In the past, writings were banned, and trials against ‘indecent’ material became part of the legal apparatus of the state. The Weimar Republic continued this trend. More info :

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As a result of these censorship efforts, some of the most famous victims of the pre-censorship period were Georg Buchner and Heinrich Heine. These artists were mocked by the censors, and in 1826, Heine wrote the chapter in Reisebilder where he satirically ridiculed them.

Today, pornography in Germany is still legal, though it is not considered child pornography. Rather, it is a form of “glamour pornography”. Modern German pornography is often tailored for the German market.

Although it is a legal system, it has been modified many times over the years. For example, the Jugendschutzgesetz was first enacted in 1952, and then merged with the Gesetz über die Verbreitung jugendgefahrdender Schriften and Medieninhalte in 2003. It aims to develop a socially competent personality. But it also restricts important rewards.

However, courts must balance the constitutional protection of minors with the right to free access to a certain amount of material. They need to determine the degree of moral risk posed by the work and then take appropriate action.

Censorship in Germany started in the early 1800s, when Metternich introduced pre-censorship. He was a reactionary authority in Germany who suppressed liberal tendencies.