Trendiest Cities in America

Trendiest Cities

Whether it’s yoga studios or craft breweries, some cities just seem to have it all. And, as the world continues to ease travel restrictions, it’s only natural that these trendy hot spots will have more appeal than ever to millennials and Generation Z. To find out the country’s trendiest cities, 24/7 Tempo used Yelp’s Fusion API to analyze data about farmers markets, coffee roasteries, juice bars, wine bars, tattoo parlors, and art galleries in each of the 50 largest U.S. cities by population. Only locations that returned at least 15 results were considered for inclusion in our analysis. Find out

As you might expect, New York City tops the list as the trendiest city in America. But, it’s no longer just Manhattan that keeps the Big Apple on top; Brooklyn also helped clinch a spot in second place. The city’s distinct cultural neighborhoods are home to some of the best music, art and food in the world.

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Denver ranked third because its locals love to be active in the outdoors, and the city has a booming brewery scene too. The Denver-area is also home to a number of trendy vegan restaurants like the popular Mud Pie Vegan Bakery and The Mixx.

Kalamazoo ranked sixth because its millennial residents enjoy the local coffee and breweries, while white-collar telecommuters are drawn to its affordable housing prices. Here, you can score a three-bedroom home that’s walking distance to the historic Madison Theatre and Saint Rose restaurants for just $157,000.