Heavy Duty Casters
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Heavy Duty Casters

Whether you have an old workbench or new commercial kitchen equipment, casters are essential. They make it easier to move your equipment, save you time by preventing trips, and are great for cleaning!

What type of caster should I use?

When moving delicate or expensive items, you should choose a heavy duty castor wheel with a small wheel diameter and a low profile so that you can get the best control. Wide wheels are also helpful, especially when rolling over rough terrain.

What size caster do I need?

The most common type of caster is the plate caster, which is mounted to an object with four holes in its flat surface. This type of caster is usually made of steel and can be bolted to the object’s mounting slot.

How to Choose the Right Heavy-Duty Caster for Your Application

Stem casters are different from plate casters because they have a wheel that is mounted to the object’s frame by threading or a fitting that screws or connects to it. They are commonly used on industrial machines such as forklifts, mobile workbenches, and concrete mixers.

Kingpin casters are designed with a central kingpin that holds the swivel raceway and ball bearing together. They offer a strong, economical approach to bearing heavy loads and are appropriate for light- to medium-duty applications that involve less shock absorbency and towing than Kingpinless casters.

Maxi-Duty forged steel casters move up to 10 tons and are built for the toughest applications, including shipbuilding, manufactured housing, automotive and aerospace. These casters have a 1″ integrally forged steel kingpin that is guaranteed for life, and are designed with a slight crown to enhance rollability and swiveling action.