Heavy Duty Swivel Casters
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Swivel casters heavy duty are designed to withstand high loads and heavy-duty applications. They are built with a robust steel welded construction and feature a forged steel swivel wheel that has a slight crown for enhanced swiveling and rollability.

How do I choose the right caster?

Heavy duty swivel casters are great for movable kitchen islands, bar carts, and hall tables. The high-quality casters come with a threaded insert for easy installation. These casters are also available with total locking capabilities.

Heavy duty casters are durable, strong, and economical. They are often used on warehouse carts, modular carts, and dollies. They can also be used on industrial platform carts. These casters can withstand up to 1,250 pounds per caster. Heavy duty casters are available in many different types.

Heavy duty casters allow workers to move and turn large pieces of cargo without the risk of injury. They can even be attached to an adjustable lift to make moving large pieces of work easier and safer. And since heavy-duty casters are designed to withstand tough environments, they are also highly durable.