Pest Control in London
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A pest control companies can make you feel anxious and unsafe. It can cause health problems (like rodents, cockroaches, cluster flies, fleas, bed bugs and house centipedes). They can also damage your property, like mice, rats, squirrels, slugs, snails and bees. Pests can also cause a bad smell, contaminate food or ruin your clothing (like moths, flies and clothes beetles).

Is there pest control in the UK?

It’s important to find a local company specialising in pest control in London that can come out at any hour, especially for those panicky moments when you realise there’s a hornet’s nest in the roof of your flat or a rat has found its way into your kitchen. Different companies offer different services, so it’s good to find one that specialises in all kinds of pests and covers both domestic and commercial properties.

When choosing a pest control company, it’s worth considering their experience and training. Look for a company that is fully insured and guarantees their work. They should also be fully compliant with the Control of Pesticides Regulations, which ensures technicians apply professional pesticides in the safest manner possible, taking all precautions and wearing the correct personal protective equipment.

Beaver House Services is one of London’s most trusted and experienced pest control companies. Their team of 45 experts is dedicated to keeping you safe and free from pests, from the initial phone call to completion. They are always available, even on weekends and bank holidays. They provide a comprehensive service, including a free, no-obligation quote and a 2- or 3-months guarantee.