Why Choose Wooden Shipping Crates?
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wooden shipping crates

Wooden shipping crates have been a part of shipping industry for many years now. They help reduce freight costs by reducing the space requirements of the freight operators and thereby improving customer satisfaction. Wooden crates, unlike their metal counterparts, are strong and very durable. While plastic shipping crates are easy to break, wooden crates tend to provide better protection against damages. In addition, wooden crates are also much easier to repair than their plastic counterparts once they’ve been damaged. However, wooden shipping crates differ from plastic crates in another way – they don’t need to be crushed flat before shipping.

Why Choose Wooden Shipping Crates? Works Only Under These Conditions

Because of the durability of wooden shipping crates, they are used for a wide variety of purposes where strength and dimensional stability are an important factor. For example, you can easily buy custom built shipping crates made of oak, teak or maple to suit your specific needs. If you want to ship delicate and expensive items, you can have your custom built crates custom built to ensure that they maintain their shape and don’t bend or break at the seams. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to the storage requirements of your warehouse, wooden crates offer a cost-effective solution. You can store all kinds of goods in custom built crates: food, perishable items, factory stored products, clothes, sporting goods, tools, farm produce, holiday decorations, etc.

The strength and durability of wooden shipping crates made using quality second-hand wood materials makes them a safe alternative to shipping in standard cardboard boxes. An open crate is prone to pests and moisture damage, while closed crates can retain heat and become vulnerable to decay and moisture damage. Heat treated wood crates have better resistance to moisture damage and heat than ordinary hardwoods. Also, by choosing a wooden crate made of top quality, high-density, UV stabilized hardwood, you can ensure that the crate will not warp even after several years of heavy use. A wooden crate can be extremely useful and extremely secure for any quantity of goods.